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Group 5 Security Services
To be the premier provider of security service to our valued clients at an affordable cost. We serve in Guarding Services, Event Security Management, Body Guard &VIP Escort, Provides Training to Guards, HRD Placement Services, Electronics Security system Cash Management, Facilities Management, Dog Squad, Parking Management, Resources Services, Intelligence & Detective Services.

The GROUP5 staff works twenty-four hours a day, employing trained dispatchers who maintain constant radio communication that enables us to offer instant assistance to the officers in the field.

Supervisors in radio-equipped patrol cars will visit a site on an unscheduled basis. Field supervisors will fill out a security officer evaluation form, which will include, but not be limited to, checking the officers uniform appearance, daily reports, awareness and overall demeanor, as well as any other reports required.

To provide an environment of growth and fulfillment to the All Action Security Family embedded with ETHICS, INTEGRITY, HONOR and LOYALTY with an emphasis on customer service possessing the top-most priority.

From residential Security Services

Engaged in providing security guards services, security intelligence services, armed security guards and security personnel services. Also offers services of VIP protection, personal body guards and dog squads services etc

Armed Escort Services

We have the ability to provide well trained and physically sound security guards. Our comprehensive security services are very effective and will surely protect you from all sorts of dangers, no matter what is the degree of the threat. Our services are widely used by businessman, VIP’s and other residential societies and corporate houses.

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Security Services

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We have been aproved and registered By U.P. Govt and UP Police

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